2013 Completed Projects

This is my first completed project.

I found this on Hancock's House of Happy.

This is the first piece I designed on my own.
I dedicated this to my mother in-law.

This is my second design on my own.

I found this in a fantasy cross stitch book.
It took two days to complete.

I found this on the web.
She took around three days to complete.

I borrowed this design from a friend.
It's from Dragon Dreams.
I added the beads as a touch of my own.

This cutie took two days to complete.
I changed her bow color from pink to the teal color.

Candy Corn.
I took a few pieces from a sampler.
They only took a few hours to complete.

This is a spooky tree I did.

Caramel covered apple.

Black cat with fluorescent green eyes & outlining.

Cotton Candy Spider.

Witches hat in green, orange, and purple. 

This heart tree took about a week to complete.

This cutie pie took a day to complete. (:

 I used a variegated blue thread.
Took two days to complete.

 Tigger took around five days to complete.
Another freebie off the net.

 I found this freebie from Snow Flower Diaries.
I added my own embellishments.

 This only took around an hour or so to complete.
I added the beads into the design, it wasn't apart of the original design.